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Harrison, Chase

7th Grade TX History

& 6th Grade Social Studies


GO BULLDOGS Chase Harrison


Phone: (210) 397-2950 ext.

Conference: (6th period)

This Week in Class:         Native Americans in Texas 

Grading Policy:    50% Daily Grades, 50% Major Grades

Classroom Expectations: 

  • Be in class every day, and come prepared. You must be in your assigned seat when the bells rings.
  • Participate. Participation is not an option! Your work is a reflection of you, and you will be graded on your participation and effort.
  • Be respectful. I will respect you. You will respect me and each other- no exceptions. Cooperate with me and your classmates. No talking out of place. Do not speak when I am speaking or a student has the floor; raise your hand to speak. Adults in the room should be addressed as “Sir” or “Ma’am”.
  • NO sleeping or putting your head down on the desk.
  • Use the bathroom BEFORE class. Further restrictions may be implemented as needed.

Thank You for taking time to visit my outreach page.  This is my fifth year at Pease Middle School and I am looking forward to working with the great students and parents here. I graduated with honors from Angelo State University with a BS in Education minoring in History. I currently hold certificates for teaching 4 - 8 Generalist and 4 - 8 Social Studies.

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