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Ms. J. Pope


ranger icon   Jennifer Pope

I am a 6th grade English Teacher.   I have been in education for 16 years now, and 14 of those have been in NISD.  I graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Special Education.


 Contact Information:      (210) 397-5000 x3186 


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6th Period

7th-8th Period


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Updated 11/17/13

This is the first week of the new six weeks.  We will be continuing our study of Tuck Everlasting and beginning our friendly letter.  I am sending home a tutoring letter with all of my students so please be sure and ask them for it.  I would like for each of my students to pick one day per week that they can come in to tutoring.  If for nothing else than to make sure they are caught up.  Have a great week!


Reminder:  The best way to keep in touch with me is by email.  It is much easier during the day to return an email than it is to make a phone call, as I am limited by the amount of time I have that is free of students.  


Tutoring Schedule:


                Monday                                7:50-8:20 & 3:50-5:30      (both sessions room 104)

                Tuesday                               7:50-8:20 (room 288) & 3:50-5:30 (room 104)

                Wednesday                          7:50-8:20 (room 288) & 3:50-4:30 (room 104)

                Thursday                              4:00-4:30 (room 104)

                Friday                                  7:50-8:20 (room 104)


Have a great week!

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