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Welcome to Ms. Dylinski's page!

 Hello, Huskies! I love PreAP and AP Biology and am very excited to be teaching both this year.  I graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA with an BA in Biological Anthropolgy and I am currently working on my Science Curriculum and Instruction at Our Lady of the Lake University.  

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Class Rules

1. Be prepared

2. Use only appropropriate language

3. Bring all materials to class

4. Follow all lab safety rules

5. Be on time

6. No food or drink in the classroom

7. Have a great year!


1st Period - PreAP BC Biology

2nd Period - Conference

3rd Periiod - PreAP BC Biology

4th Period - AP Biology (Holmes and BC)

5th Period - Lunch

6th Period - PreAP BC Biology

7th Period - PreAP BC Biology

8th Period - PreAP BC Biology




Tutoring Hours: 

Tues, Wed, Thurs: 4:15- 5:15

Everyday during 5th period lunch.