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Computers-Mrs. McMillan & Mrs. Trevino


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Mrs. McMillan:                             Mrs. Trevino:

Mrs. McMillan is Thornton's CIT (Campus Instructional Technologist). She wears many hats as CIT, but her main responsibility is to help teachers integrate technology into the curriculum.  Mrs. McMillan is responsible for staff development for faculty and staff. 
Each year teachers must learn new computer applications in order to do their jobs.  Our training focus this year will be learning Web 2.0 tools.

Mrs. McMillan started at Thornton as the library assistant in 1993.  Other positions she has held in Northside include second grade teacher, software applications instructor and campus trainer.  Mrs. McMillan has been the CIT at Thornton since 2000. 

Click here to email Mrs. McMillan.

Phone: 397-3988

Mrs. Trevino is Thornton's ECT (Elementary Computer Teacher).  She teaches all of the computer literacy classes.  Mrs. Trevino ensures that all students learn how to use computers.

Here is her schedule:

8:00-8:45           Kinder
8:50-9:35           1st graders
9:40-10:25         3rd graders
10:30-11:15         2nd graders
11:20-11:50          Lunch 
11:55-12:15          Lunch Duty
12:20-1:05          5th graders
1:10-1:55            4th graders 
2:00-2:45           Planning Time


Click here to email Mrs. Trevino.

Phone: 397-3990, ext. 3117


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