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Kenneth Aldrich

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Welcome to Stingray country.  I am happy to be your child's teacher and excited to be working at Vale M.S.  I am coming from Jordan M.S. where I taught for one year.  Prior to that I taught at Somerset Junior High and Southside M.S. This is the start of my 16th year in which I have taught both American History and Texas History.  

I am looking forward to this school year and know it will be a great year with students, faculty and parents working together to form a successful Stingray community.

Grading Policy

Tests/ Projects- 50%

Daily/ Homework Assignment- 50%  


1st: Texas History

2nd Texas History

3rd: Texas History

4th: Lunch/ Advisory

5th:  Texas History Pre-AP

6th:  Texas History Pre-AP

7th:Texas History

8th:   Conferenc


I am available  before school every Wednesday and Thursday . I also have an advisory class during 4th period B Lunch everyday and my students are welcome to work with me during that time, if their other teachers allow.

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Conference: 8th

Room E 147

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Important Documents

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Civil War Magazine Project Handout.pdf 2/12/2014
Timeline Project(1).pdf 1/31/2014
Texas in the Civil War Vocabulary.pdf 2/3/2014
map13 (1).pdf 2/12/2014

Extra Credit Opportunities

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