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Zachry Wolverine Athletics

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Men’s Athletic Coordinator
Roland Garza 
Phone: 210-397-7472
Fax: 210-706-7432
               Zachry Wolverines                                                                              
Women’s Athletic Coordinator
Michelle Martinez
Phone: 210-397-7484 
Fax: 210-706-7432 


Golf Season

Golf practice starts April 23rd on campus. We will have a meeting with all prospective golfers on Monday, April 21st before school in the girl gym at 8 A.M.  You must have a current physical on file to participate in Zachry Golf.  See Coach Osterman for paperwork or download the UIL physical form in the document section of the website.

2014 Zachry Golf Schedule:   Golf Schedule

Zachry Golf Calendar:     April-May

2014 Northside ISD Composite Golf Schedule:  Click Here

Summer Camp

Wolverine Power and Speed Camp

The Wolverine Power and Speed camp is designed in a similar fashion to the programs offered at Extreme Speed and Maximum Velocity, but at half the cost.  The program is based on the University of Nebraska strength and conditioning program, which is designed for 5 weeks and focuses on building strength, speed, and agility.

The Zachry Coaching staff highly recommends this camp for any student-athlete wanting to participate in athletics.  This camp will help prepare them for the physical and mental demands of the daily athletic period and/or sport.

Camp Registration Form:  Wolverine Power and Speed Camp Brochure

Summer Camp Calendars:  June Calendar        July Calendar

Boys Track and Field

Track Season

Track season begins on February 10th.  Please see Coach Garza for more information.  Student-athletes must have a current physical on file in order to participate.

Track Schedule2014 Schedule

Calendar:  February     March      April

Track Meet Information:  Specs/Order of Events

Girls Track and Field

Track Season

Track season begins on February 11th.  See Coach Martinez to get more information.  Student-athletes must have a current physical on file in order to participate.

Track Schedule:  2014 Schedule

Calendar:  February       March        Apri

Track Meet Information:  Specs/Order of Events

Boys Off-Season Athletics


 OFF SEASON  :   Begins December 2nd.  We will be pretesting the athletes in numerous events including bench press, power clean, 40 yard dash, etc.   We will post-test cycle one in January and start Cycle two the following week.

End of Year Results:   8th Grade Weights     8th Grade Agility     2-Year Comparison          

                                 7th Grade Weights    7th Grade Agility     

Zachry Top Ten School Records:  Bench Press    Incline Bench    Power Clean     

Off-Season Lesson Plans:   Cycle Two-Lesson Plans    Off-Season Syllabus:  Syllabus

Girl's Off-Season Athletics

Event Location Date
12/13/2013 3:05 PM

Boys Basketball

Boys Basketball

NEXT GAME The Zachry basketball teams will play against Connolly on Wednesday, February 6th at 5:00 pm.  The "A" team plays the first game and the "B" game follows at approximately 6:15-6:30. The 7th Grade games will be here at Zachry, and the 8th Grade will be on the road at Connolly. 

Calendar:  November    December    January    February

Schedule/Roster:      7th Grade      8th Grade

Post-Season tournament:  Bracket

Girls Basketball

Lady Wolverines Basketball

 NEXT GAMEThe Zachry basketball teams will play against Connolly on Thursday, February 6th at 5:00 pm.  The "A" team plays the first game and the "B" game follows at approximately 6:15-6:30. The 7th Grade games will be here at Zachry, and the 8th Grade will be on the road at Connolly. 

Calendar:   November      December       January      February

Schedule/Roster:   7th Grade     8th Grade

Post-Season tournament: 2014  Bracket



Tennis season starts with tennis tryouts from October 28 through November 1.  Make sure you have a current physical on file with Coach Garza (boys) and Coach Martinez (girls).  See Coach Lira if you need more information.

Tennis Roster/Schedule:  Roster        Schedule

Calendar:    October     November     December



NEXT GAME:  The Zachry football teams will play their final games against Connolly on Tuesday and Wednesday this week due to Daylight Savings Time changes. The B team plays on November 5th and the A Team plays on November 6th at 4:30 pm.  The 8th Grade game will be here at Zachry, and the 7th Grade will be on the road at Connolly.  Here is a map to: Connolly Middle School

Calendars:   August      September    October     November   

2013  Schedules:        7th Grade      8th Grade

Rosters:    7th-Home       7th Grade-Away       8th- Away     8th-Home



NEXT GAME:  The Zachry volleyball teams will compete this weekend in the North Loop Post Season Tournament.  Please see the bracket (below) for the time and place for the 7th and 8th grade first round games.

Post Season Tournament Bracket:  Bracket

2012 Schedule/Roster:  7th Grade   8th Grade 

 Calendar:     August      September     October    November

Athletic T-Shirts

Wolverine Athletic T-Shirts

Athletic T-Shirt Form:    T-Shirt Order Form     Athletics


Event Location Date
Brandeis High School 3/26/2014 12:03 PM

UIL Forms

Title Filename Modified
Updated Asthma Action Plan Form.pdf 8/22/2013
StudentAccidentVoluntaryFlyer2013-2014.pdf 8/22/2013
NISD physical packet 2013_SPANISH.pdf 11/9/2013
2013-14 NISD physical packet.pdf 8/22/2013
SCA_AWARENESS_FORM.pdf 8/22/2013


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April-2014-Boys Calendar.pdf 3/29/2014
April-2014-Girls Calendar.pdf 3/29/2014
May-2014-Golf Calendar.pdf 3/29/2014
February-2014-Boys Calendar.pdf 1/27/2014
February-2014-Girls Calendar.pdf 1/27/2014
March-2014-Boys Calendar.pdf 3/8/2014
March-2014-Girls Calendar.pdf 3/8/2014


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2014-NISD Middle School Golf Schedule.pdf 3/27/2014
2014 MS Track (2) (1).pdf 2/6/2014
2014 Golf Schedule.pdf 3/27/2014
7th Grade Boys basketball roster .pdf 11/23/2013
2013-7th Grade Football Roster(Away) (2).pdf 9/25/2013
2013-7th Grade Football Roster(Home).pdf 9/25/2013
7th Grade Football Schedule.pdf 6/4/2013
7th Grade Girls Basketball Schedule.pdf 11/23/2013
7th Grade Volleyball Schedule.pdf 9/7/2013
8th Grade Boys Basketball Schedule.pdf 11/23/2013
2013-8th Grade Football Roster(Away).pdf 10/5/2013
2013-8th Grade Football Roster(Home).pdf 10/12/2013
8th Grade Football Schedule.pdf 6/4/2013
8th Grade Girls Basketball Schedule.pdf 11/23/2013
8th Grade Volleyball Schedule.pdf 8/31/2013
tennis roster .pdf 11/23/2013
Tennis Schedule.pdf 11/8/2013


Title Filename Modified
BMI Worksheet.xls 2/8/2012
North Boys Basketball Bracket 2013.pdf 2/1/2013
Cycle2 Lesson Plan.pdf 5/7/2011
Zachry Wolverine Athletics Syllabus2.pdf 5/7/2011
Northside Coaches Purpose and Expectations.pdf 10/9/2012
Road to Austin-Definition of Winning.pdf 10/30/2010
North Girls Basketball Bracket 2013.pdf 1/25/2013
Golf policies.pdf 5/7/2011
Hold the Rope.pdf 10/30/2010
Camp info.pdf 5/12/2012
2014 Order of Events and Specifications MEET SHEET.pdf 2/11/2014
ATHLETIC TSHIRTS.pdf 5/31/2011


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7th Grade Agility Results.pdf 6/4/2011
8th Grade Agility Results.pdf 6/2/2011
7th Grade Weight Results.pdf 6/4/2011
8th Grade Weight Results.pdf 6/4/2011
Microsoft Word - Lift A Thon letter head.pdf 5/7/2011
Zachry Top Ten Bench.pdf 6/4/2011
Zachry Top Ten Incline Bench.pdf 5/31/2011
Zachry Top Ten Power Clean.pdf 5/31/2011
Workout Poundage Chart.pdf 4/6/2010

Completed Season-Rosters

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2012-7th Grade Football Roster(Away).pdf 11/27/2012
2012-7th Grade Football Roster(Home).pdf 11/27/2012
2012-7th Grade Volleyball Schedule.pdf 11/27/2012
2012-8th Grade Football Roster(Home).pdf 11/27/2012
2012-8th Grade Volleyball Schedule.pdf 11/27/2012