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Fourth Grade



Welcome to the fourth grade web page!  

We are very excited to have your child in our classes this year.  We look forward to a fun and productive year.  

Our conference time is from 1:55-2:40 

To learn more about your child's teacher, please click on their name to the left for their individual web page.  You will also find announcements and events.  

This is the 4th grade schedule for the year:


8:00-8:30 Writing


8:35-9:35 Guided Reading


9:35-10:15 Reading & Language Arts


10:15-11:15 Math


11:15-11:45 Math recursive review


11:45-12:00 Recess


11:57-12:36 Lunch


12:33-1:50 Science /Social Studies


1:55-2:40 Rotation/ Planning time


4th grade lunches:


11:57-12:27 Ms. Galindo


12:00-12:30 Mrs. Espinoza


12:03—12:33 Mrs. Rogers


12:06-12:36 Mrs. Kurz





Mrs. Espinoza

Mrs. Rogers

Ms.  Galindo

Mr. Custer (Collaborative)

Mrs. Kurz


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