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Hello from Adams Hill Physical Education. Coach Alexander is in his 23 year at Northside. Nineteen of those have been at Adams Hill. He is also a swimming coach and has been coaching for 31 years.  The Goal of the Physical Education department is to teach students to become physically active. The second goal is to help students become student athletes, who can think while moving. Please help your children by making sure that they are safe. They need sneakers or tennis shoes to go along with their uniform.

We have a new curriculum ( Sparks) that we are integrating into our lessons this year that promises new, interesting, and active activities. We look forward to sharing all that we have learned with the students.  We are also doing the FitnessGram twice this year.  Which tests the students flexibility, strentgh, and cardiovascular fitness.  It is important that they wear tennis shoes during these times, so they may perform to the best of their abilities.  Our Kinder Motor Lab will also continue this year;  focusing on improving motor skills, as well as letter and word recognition with our kindergarten students.

If you have any questions you can either email me at or call me at 210-397-1400 ext.3101. Thanks, and lets have a good Year at Adams Hill!



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