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Dual Credit


Enrollment Steps and Important Dates

1. Complete your AlamoENROLL application for Dual Credit by February 14, 2014

2. Create your ACES account with Northwest Vista College

3. Complete the Go FAARR module and the Test Prep tutorial

4. Take the TSI assessment for the first time by April 22, 2014

5. Retakes of the TSI, as necessary, by June 12, 2014


Title Filename Modified
Dual Credit Parent Night (1).pptx 1/23/2014
DC 1/23/2014
Dual-Credit-Enrollment-Checklist.pdf 1/25/2014
Ready Set Apply_DC_fall2014 for HS.pptx 1/25/2014
DC Student Parent Consent Form.pdf 1/23/2014
AlamoCollege-ACES and CANVAS Browser Checklist (1).docx 1/23/2014
letter for login to ACES.docx 3/4/2014

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