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AFJROTC - Home of the TX-20101 Bears

Brennan High School AFJROTC Mission

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Air Force Junior ROTC Faculty

SMSgt Dominguez/Col Baker/MSgt Anglim


Instructor Contact Information

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College Preparation Information

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How to Get a College Scholarship Websites.pdf 8/20/2013
Air Force Military College Entrance.pdf 8/20/2013
How to Study Websites.pdf 8/20/2013
SAT & ACT Preparation Websites.pdf 8/20/2013
UTSA topscholars.docx 9/14/2013

Spirit Team Information

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Air Force Academic Bowl Information


Flag Team

The Flag Team raises the USA and Texas flags each morning at 8 am and takes them down at the end of 8th period.  If interested in joining the team, see Cadet Brian Steele.

Tentative OT & PT Competition Schedules

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OT AND PT SCHEDULE.2014.xlsx 1/11/2014

Important Links

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Course Syllabi and Charts

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2nd Year Cadet.pdf 7/5/2013
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4th Year Cadet.pdf 7/5/2013
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Service Grade Insignia enlisted.pdf 7/5/2013
Service Grade Insignia Officer.pdf 7/5/2013
AFJROTC Ribbons.pdf 8/10/2013

Regulations and Cadet Guide

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Rank Structure.pdf 7/13/2013
AFJROTC Assessment_Guide.pdf 7/9/2013
AFI 36-2903 Current.pdf 7/13/2013
AF Song and Cadet Creed.pdf 7/8/2013
The Airman's Creed.pdf 7/9/2013
CADET HONOR CODE.pdf 8/10/2013
Cadet.Guide(Master_Document).8.5.2013.pdf 8/10/2013
Chain_Of_Command_-_17_Oct_2012[1].pdf 8/10/2013
AFMAN 36-2203 (Drill & Ceremonies).pdf 7/9/2013
Drill and Ceremonies Student_Workbook-PDF.txt 7/9/2013

How to Tie a Tie & Female Hair Bun

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How_To_Tie_A_Tie.docx 7/13/2013
tie.pdf 7/13/2013


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