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Brennan Technology Support Team

Jennifer Fehrenbacher - CIT - Campus Instructional Technologist
Chris Lastovica - Tech III 
Anna-Marie Rizo - CAT - Campus Applications Technologist

Helpful Information for Staff

Title Filename Modified
Outreach_2007.pdf 8/18/2010
Outreach_2009.pdf 8/18/2010
eFiles.pdf 8/16/2010
Elmo Instructions.pdf 8/16/2010
safeguarding.pdf 8/20/2010
webemail-permission-form_2010.pdf 9/27/2010
Firstday.pdf 8/16/2010
QuickStartGuide.pdf 8/16/2010
Teacher Manual.pdf 8/16/2010
TouchPad Sensitivity.pdf 11/15/2010
SmartFindInstructions.pdf 8/16/2010
phonefromhome_2010.pdf 8/14/2010
setup-procedures_2010.pdf 8/14/2010

Helpful Links for Staff

Site Description
Mixed up about copyright and fair use? This is the first course offered in a new series called Winning the Race.
Referenced information collected by John Hays to assist teachers and students comply with Copyright Laws.
Create your own jeopardy template online.
YouTube video showing an overview of the clicker.
Learn how to use Microsoft software in the classroom with tips and tricks presented in these how-to articles.
Here you'll find the user’s guide for the laptop, the Educator Laptop Responsibilities course, video on docking the laptop, and more.
Disseminates information related to campus -based technology projects ....
Tons of training resources from Northside.
A simple, fast flash Online Stopwatch and Online Countdown timer always available when you need it.
The World's Largest Interactive Whiteboard Community: a unique teaching, sharing and support community.
Instructions for NISD Employees for reporting absences and arranging for subsitutes.
It's a solid, simple, as-you-type document collaboration webapp with no sign-up required.
Using Wireless Devices in Northside ISD: What YOU Need to Know!

Helpful Links for Students

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How To Record Attendance (Video Length 1:04)

How To Modify Attendance (Video Length  0:58)

How to Change Attendance After 3 Days (Video Length 1:29)