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Welcome to the Brennan Theatre Department! We are very excited to provide the best quality theatrical education and experience around.

Theatre Course Descriptions:

Theatre I - Is the introduction of Theatre Arts and Performance as we know it in the western world. This class does cover a wide range of activities including: parts of the stage, stage directions, voice and diction, improvisation, mime, characterization, monologues, duets and theatre history.

Theatre II -Is the next level above Theatre I. This course surveys areas specific to characterization, Shakespeare, Children's Theatre, Styles, Comedy and Tragedy. The course does involve outside performance time.

Theatre III -Is the advanced survey of acting and style in theatre. The actor goes in depth into styles of theatre and specific playwrights and time periods throughout theatre history. This class also preps the actors for the Ism's of theatre including Absurdism, Romanticism, Daidism and Epic Theatre.

Theatre IV -The student in this course is preparing themselves for professional theatre or higher educational theatre experiences. This course is highly detailed and gives the students opportunities in directing, play analysis, character analysis and scene analysis. This course is fast moving and requires an end of the year presentation that they must direct, costume, design and promote.

Class Schedule for Mr. DeHoyos:

1st Period         8:45-9:40AM         Theatre I

2nd Period       9:45-10:35AM        Theatre I

3rd Period         10:40-11:30AM      Theatre I

4th Period         11:35-12:25PM      Theatre II

5th Period         12:30-1:20PM         Theatre III-IV

6th Period         1:25-2:15PM         Lunch

7th Period         2:20-3:10PM         Conference

8th Period         3:15-4:05PM         Department Coordinator


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Lesson Plans 1st Weeks

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Lesson Plans 2nd Six Weeks

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Contact Information
Mr. Jose DeHoyos
Director of Theatre/Dept. Coordinator Fine Arts
Theatre I-IV
B107 "The Den" Blackbox Theatre
Conference 2:20-3:10PM
Office Phone: 210.398-1385


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Acting Evaluation Form.doc 8/23/2011
Candlesticks are People Too.pdf 10/8/2012
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Improv Packet0001.pdf 9/10/2011
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Solo Scenes To The Camera.doc 9/17/2010
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Syllabus 12-13.doc 8/22/2012
The Congo.pdf 9/7/2010
The Four Parts of the Warm Up.docx 10/8/2012
Theatre Arts II Shadow Scenes.doc 8/23/2011
Theatre Etiquette Grade Sheet.pdf 9/13/2010
Microsoft Word - Theatre I Course Outline 12-13.pdf 8/23/2012
Microsoft Word - Theatre II Outline 12-13.pdf 8/23/2012
Microsoft Word - Theatre III-IV Outline 12-13.pdf 8/23/2012
Theatre Arts Lab Work Evaluation.doc 8/22/2012
Theatre Vocabulary.doc 10/8/2012
Theatre Arts video permission form.doc 9/2/2010
Brennan Welcome Letter 12-13.doc 8/22/2012


Event Location Date
The Den Blackbox Theatre 8/22/2012 7:00 PM
Brennan Fine Arts Auditorium 9/26/2012 7:00 PM
Brennan Fine Arts Auditorium 9/27/2012 7:00 PM
Brennan Fine Arts Auditorium 10/24/2012 6:00 PM
Brennan Fine Arts Area 10/30/2012 5:00 PM