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Note: Sites with an * require a login & password when working from home.
For home access, please contact the Librarian at 398-1033
or Library Services at 397-8190.


Data Graphs (this is in place of Graphers)
Pearson Realize - *this may work better in Google Chrome
Thinking Blocks - Modeling Tool for Word Problems
TTM - Student Login
TTM Toolkits  - For Parents
 *NISD Online Databases -NetTrekker, World Book, more
Mrs. Vazquez's Glog - more resources
 EasyBib - Bibliography
 Copyright Friendly Images
Many of the images are free to use but may require a link to where it is from or a citation. Read the terms of service carefully.
 Music Clips
 Soundzabound- check with CIT for files on G: drive
BBC Bitesize Science interactive activities 
Edheads simple machines and more 
Science Resources - Mr. Castle's Page
Social Studies

TechNotes Blog

Dad's Math Worksheets

eFiles - H: from Home

Math Worksheet Generator

Mad Minute

ReadWriteThink- variety of resources, interactive an otherwise

 SchoolTube - Info. on creating an account, etc.
Web 2.0 & Other Tech
 Wordle: Designs with words
 Storybird--Pick Illustrations the write a story
 Build Your Wild Self: Create yourself with adaptations
 Photovisi - create cool collage pictures for various projects
QR Code Generator
Vocaroo - record your voice download, create a QR code