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2015-2016 Athletic Checklist


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UPDATE!!!  March 17, 2015

If you are a parent of a student athlete that will be participating in the May 2nd Northside Physicals PLEASE print off the 2015-2016 Parent Information Letter at the bottom of this page!  This letter will help with any questions you may have for the upcoming physicals.

Dear Brandeis Broncos,

We are now preparing for the 2015-2016 school year and anyone wanting to participate in any sport must have a new Medical History Packet on file with the Training Room before you will be allowed to participate in any sport.  However any physicals for the 2015-2016 school year that are dated prior to April 1st will not be considered valid!  You must have your 2015-2016 physicals dated after April 1st 2015 and they must be on the current 2015-2016 physical packet form.  This form is now available to download at the bottom of this page, but please do not get your physical before April 1, 2015!  Please look at the top right hand corner of the physical packet.  It must be dated 2015-2016!  If you happen to be an incoming freshman, a junior, or you are new to the school this year you will need a new physical as well.  If you have been diagnosised with asthma you must have an asthma action plan on file.  This form is for both high school students and middle school students. This form must be filled out annually.  These forms must be renewed annually by your physicain.  There are two pages to this form or one page with a front and a back.   You can acquire these papers from the training room or you can download from the list below.  Your student will be sent home with a parent letter that explains what needs to filled out, as well as any information about the May 2nd Northside Physicals.  Please read the box that is outlined on the first page of the packet that is immediately under the contact information.  This information is very important and explains how to complete  the following medical history portion on the first page.  How you complete this information will dictate whether you need further clearance for any pre-existing conditions, and be excluded from participating in the Northside Physicals.  If you have any questions please contact the training room at 210-397-8273.  Other forms explaining the process, dates, and times of the Northside Physicals will be listed at the bottom of the page.  Look for headings labeled May 2nd physicals, and Acknowledgement and Release forms.

So to cut through all the wordiness, Please read the appropriate sections below to inform you of what you need for your physical, and to participate in sports at Brandeis.   If you, a family member, or your child has ever experienced any heart related issues!!  Please read and elaborate on any yes answers to question #3 in the medical history section of the pre-participation packet (1st page).  This year all students participating in physicals will receive free EKG screenings from the August Heart Association during the physicals. If during the examination any abnormalities are recognized they will receive an ECHO cardiogram to determine the extent of the abnormality.  Please complete the student waiver for you child to receive this screening.  It is a tremendous oppurtunity for us to protect your student athlete, please take part!

2015-2016 August Heart Screening

AugustHeart FREE Heart Screening for Students ages 14-18

August Heart will be at the Stevens High School on May 2nd to provide free heart screenings for all individuals obtaining a physical.  There will be an additional form that will need to be completed for your child to take part in the free heart screenings.  It can be downloaded at the bottom of this web site.  This is just another way that our community is trying to help to keep our student athletes safe.  They can be evaluated on the spot and cleared or referred for further testing.  Further free heart screenings through August Heart may be found at there web site below.


If you, a family member, or your child has experienced any heart related issues in the past please take advantage of this offer for a free heart screening.  Please read question #3 on the medical history section of the pre-participation packet.  If you answer yes to any of those questions it is required that you receive a heart screening as part of your clearance for your physical.  Without this additional clearance you will not be allowed to participate in any athletic events at Brandeis High School.  Please take advantage of this tremendous offer!!


For more information, please visit, or the link below labeled August Heart Free Screenings.

2015-2016 Check List for Freshman, Juniors to be, and any new athlete

These items need to be turned in prior to any participation in ahtletics at Brandeis High School.  No equipment or acceptance will be granted into an athletic period until their paperwork is completed and turned into the Athletic Training Office.

1. Preparticipation packet complete.

2. A currnet physical.

3. Signatures must be completed anywhere there is a yellow box on the pre-participation packet.

4. Completed NISD asthma action plan  ( if you have been diagnosed with asthma or have identified yourself on any NISD paperwork as having asthma).

All signature blanks must be completed!!


2015-2016 Checklist for anyone participating in the NISD physicals

If you plan on attending the 2015-2016 NISD physicals on May 2nd, you must have the following completed and turned in to the athletic training office no later than April 23rd, 2015.

1. Completed 2015-2016 Pre-particpation packet excluding the physical.

2. Completed 2015-2016 Minor release and ackowledgement form for physicals.

3. Completed 2015-2016 August Heart free screening parental release form.


All signature blanks must be completed!!

Athletic Trainer Corner

Title Filename Modified
Asthma Action Plan Form 2015-2016.pdf 3/21/2015
AugustHeart Waiver 2015.pdf 3/21/2015
2015NISDPhysicalPacket.pdf 3/21/2015
Dear Parent.docx 2015.docx 3/21/2015
safety_training[1].ppt 2015-2016.pptx 3/21/2015
SMASA Waiver 2015 (2).doc 3/21/2015
Athletic Training Room Rules.doc 4/2/2012
SMASA Physicals.doc 3/16/2009
parent_information.pdf 8/2/2010

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