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Judy Smith believes students should enjoy their exposure to visual arts while discovering their talents and developing artistic skills.  Art "talent" is a gift.  Art "skills" are developed through creative instruction, practice, and encouragement.


Judy has increased her effectiveness and knowledge as an art instructor by traveling extensively throughout, Europe and the Middle East touring famous museums and historical places while studying European art and architecture. Self-studies include the

Old Masters (1300-1860), Impressionists (1860-1905), Modern Masters (1905-1980), and many art exhibits and architecturally historical locations.

She has personally viewed renowned works of art and architecture in the following museums and historic locations (partial list) in America, Central America, Europe, and Middle East:

   • Self Studies:  Le Louvre, Versailles, Musee d'Orsay, Notre Dame, Picasso Museum,  Vatican, Sistine Chapel, Picasso Museum, Windsor Castle, St. George Castle, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, London's National Gallery, Buckingham's Palace, Hampton Court, Blair Castle, Cologne Cathedral, Warwick Castle, National Gallery of Scotland (Edinburgh), Glasgow Art Gallery, Galleria degli Uffizi, Munich's Alte Pinakothek, Ludwig's Castles, Salisbury Cathedral, National Museum of Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum (Rembrandt) Amsterdam, Mesen de Prado, Smithsonian and many more.

   • Historical Tours: United States, Canada, England, Hadrian's Wall, Scotland, Spain, Monaco, Vatican City, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Costa Rico, and more.

Judy came to the Brandeis family from O'Connor High School (N.I.S.D.) where she also taught visual fine arts.  She is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University from which she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree.

My Schedule

 Paint Palet


  •                         8:00-8:45      Studio (by appointment)
  • 1st Period       8:50-9:39       Art 1
  • 2nd Period      9:45-10:35     Art 1
  • 3rd Period     10:41-11:30     Art 1
  • 4th Period     11:36-12:25     Lunch
  • 5th Period     12:31-1:20     Conferance
  • 6th Period       1:26-2:15       Art 1
  • 7th Period       2:21-3:10       Art 1
  • 8th Period       3:16-4:05       Art 1
  •                        4:05-5:00      Studio (by appointment)

NISD Art Course Syllabuses:

High School Visual Arts

Art I (9-12)
The first art course in high school is designed to introduce the student to the various art forms and to develop an appreciation for history of art. Units in design and composition will explore various media and techniques in drawing, painting, sculpture, and printmaking. Students will have the opportunity to display their products at various shows, festivals, and contests. No prior art experience is required to be eligible for this course.
PR:   None                                                                   SEM: 2 CR: 1

Art II (10-12)
The second year art course is designed to build on the experience of the first year art course in the areas of drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, and art history. The projects of the students are more complex than those of the first year. Assignments in drawing and painting involve experimental approaches to the use of materials, interpretations, and evaluations of projects.  Projects are designed to emphasize the conceptual elements of the works. Focus is on extensive creativity, imagery, individualization, and gallery
PR:   Art I/Student Portfolio                                         SEM: 2 CR: 1

Art III (11-12)
The third year art course provides for activities on a more advanced level than those of the preceding two years. Emphasis continues to be placed on understanding and recognition of art styles and the significance and values of art as a means of expression. Extended creativity and portfolio development is emphasized in this third year course.
PR:   Art II/Student Portfolio                                         SEM: 2 CR: 1

Art IV (12)
Art IV is an advanced course based on the experiences and skills developed in the first three years. It provides background preparation for students who may wish to major in art in college. Projects are individualized to accommodate students’ desires to further explore media and ideas of their own choice. Student portfolios are developed extensively.
PR:   Art III/Student Portfolio                                        SEM: 2 CR: 1

Advanced Placement
AP Art History (11-12)
This course challenges students to an understanding and knowledge of architecture, sculpture, painting, and other art forms within diverse historical and cultural contexts. Students must examine and critically analyze major forms of artistic expression. AP Art History provides students an independent track of study that is more rigorous and academically challenging. Students may be assigned a class section that includes working on different tracks of rigor and depth. Course availability depends upon teacher certification and assessment rubric.

AP Art Portfolio Courses (11-12)
This course includes : AP Drawing Portfolio, AP 2-D Portfolio,  and AP 3D Portfolio. Each choice enables students to develop in-depth personal styles and themes in original creation of artworks with opportunities to explore at a high level of difficulty. Portfolio students will be assigned different tracks of rigor, focus, and depth. Course availability depends upon teacher certification and student portfolio.

Grading Policy:

Daily work equals 30% of the grade while tests/projects equals 40% of the grade and quiz  30 %.

Students who miss the art class are required to make up the time due to the fact that most work cannot be taken home.  Students are expected to make up the time missed within a week of their absence.


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