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Bronco Learning Center

This year the Bronco Learning Center is in C160.  It is open 1st - 8th periods.  Students may come in during their lunch periods for extra help.  Students may also come with a pass from the math teacher.  Students may also take tests that they need to make up in the Bronco Learning Center.

Grading Policy

Math classes have set each six weeks grade averages as follows:

60% summative assessments

40% formative assessments

Reteach/Retest:  If students are enrolled in on grade- level classes, they are expected to participate in reteach/retest.  If a student fails a unit test, he should attend a reteach session either before or after school on the following Wednesday.  If the student attends the reteach, he is eligible to take the retest.  Retests are only available for those students who have attended the reteach session.  Retest grades have a maximum grade of 70.  Retests are given on Thursday, and students should attend the same session (before or after school).  District benchmark tests are not unit tests, and there is no reteach/retest available for them.  Reteach/retest is also not available for semester exams.  The semester calendar may dictate that the last test of the six weeks may not have a retest due to time constraints.

For students who are enrolled in preAP or AP math classes, there is an optional comprehensive 6-weeks exam that they may choose to take.  This exam may replace a test grade in order for students to improve their six weeks average.  This optional exam is given by their teacher. Times the optional exam is given is announced in advance.  There is no makeup for this exam.  The maximum grade that can be attained on this exam is 80.

Homework Help Center

The Homework Help Center has moved this year to the library for all subjects.  The center is open Monday - Thursday each week, with the exceptions that it is NOT open the first week of the fall and spring semesters, or during semester exams.  Students will find a math teacher available for tutoring and help with their homework.  They may also make up tests that they have missed in class, providing they have gotten prior approval from their teacher.

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Grading Policy

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