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Amy Costello
Campus Coordinator 
Rachel Gonzales
Department Coordinator
Eleanor Ramirez Taylor Hutchins
Jesse Benavides  Olivia Hayes
Janice Reina Cerda Vanessa Vallejo
Chris Mercer Tiffany Hansborough
Katherine Ramon Eric Jupe 
Robert Rodriguez   Adriana Palmeros
Cheryl Hubbard


Johnnie Fair  


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To be eligible for special education services, students must meet certain criteria requirements. If they also demonstrate an educational need, students may be eligible as having or being a student with a learning disability, an orthopedic impairment, a visual impairment, an auditory impairment, a deaf/blind impairment, mental retardation, emotional disturbance, autism, a speech impairment, a traumatic brain injury, and other health impairment or multiple impairments. Brandeis High School provides a continuum of special education offerings and settings ranging from full inclusion with non-disabled students and only minimal special education support to full-time special school instruction.


Special Education Campus Coordinator

Amy Costello
Special Education Department Coordinator