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Patricia Sandoval

             Mrs. Narvaez                         Mrs. Sandoval
Phone: 397-2650
Ext. 3182
Conference Time:

Hello and welcome to Pre-K! 

My name is Patty Sandoval and I am very excited to be teaching Pre-Kinder at Bob Lewis Elementary. 

I am a mother of 3 children 2 of which attend Northside schools and the 3rd a recent graduate of a Northside school. I am very proud to teach in such a wonderful school district.

This is my 13th year of teaching.  I have taught Kindergarten and 2nd grade in the past and this is my 7th year teaching Pre-K. In teaching Pre-K, I have found my place and purpose.  Pre-K is not only a wonderful social experience for young children but also a very important time for learning and growing. I am very excited about the many adventures that we will experience throughout our year together!

Mrs. Narvaez is the Pre-K assistant and this is her 6th year as my assistant.  She does an amazing job with the children and is a very patient and positive person to have in the classroom. Together we prepare the students for Kindergarten, both socially and academically.

As we say every day in our classroom,

"Pre-K is a happy place!"

 My conference period is 10:45-11:30. The best way to get in touch with me is either through email at or you can call me at 397-2650 extension 3182.  Please feel free to email or phone me with any questions or concerns that may arise. 


Morning Pre-K Schedule


7:45-7:50           Pledges & Announcements

7:50-8:15             Morning Warm Up Activity

    8:15-8:35              Literacy Choice Time

    8:35-9:05            Large Group:

                     Learning/Circle Time

9:05-9:15              Story Time

9:15-9:40              Small Groups:

                           Activity One/Centers

9:40-10:10          Small Groups:

                   Activity Two/Centers

10:10-10:20         Clean Up Time

10:20-10:40         Snack/Outdoor Play Time

10:40-10:45          Closure/Dismissal

Pre-K Afternoon Schedule



11:30-11:35       Arrival Routines, Greeting Songs

                                     and Pledges

11:35-12:05        Large Group Learning/Circle Time

12:05-12:15        Story Time

12:15-12:20        Introduce Activities for the Day

12:20-12:25        Wash Hands and Prepare for Lunch

12:30-1:05       Lunch

1:00-1:10         Large Group Restroom Break

1:10-1:35          Small Group: Activity One/Centers    

1:35-2:05          Small Group: Activity Two/Centers

2:05-2:10         Clean Up Time

2:10-2:30          Outdoor Play

2:30-2:40         Snack Time/Dismissal


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