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Rae Ramsey-Music


My name is Rae Ramsey.  I am the Music  Specialist here at Bob Lewis.  I also direct the Lewis Choir and work with the Lewis Strings.  I love teaching students to expereince, perform and create their own music. 

I began taking piano lessons and singing in church choirs when I was very young. I began playing piano for churches and choirs when I was in middle school. In high school, I played guitar and sang in a folk music group.  I have performed in musicals, operas, and toured with an acting company for 2 years.

I have 2 married sons and 5 grandchildren. I graduated from Baylor University (GO BEARS!) with a Bachelor of Music degree. I also earned a Level III certification in Kodaly music instruction.   I joined the Lewis staff in 2011-2012, and really enjoy making music with your children.

In Kindergarten, Lewis students begin reading and creating music with pictures for beat, rhythm, and melody. In First Grade, we learn to write, read, and create music using standard music notation.  In Fourth Grade, we learn to play the recorder, a woodwind instrument. By the Fifth Grade, the students are able to read and create their own music, and perform with proficiency.  No matter what we are learning, it will be fun and interactive.

Special Performing Groups

The Lewis String Class (5th Grade only) meets on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00-4:00 p.m.

The Lewis Choir (4th and 5th Graders) meets on Wednesday and Friday from 3:00-4:00 p.m.


I can't wait to see what we are able to achieve in Music this year!



Students are graded on their mastery of the Texas Essentail Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for Music. Each grade level has set music skills students are expected to demonstrate during class. 


My Schedule

7:55-8:25                   SMART TIME

8:30-9:15                          KINDER

9:20-10:05                           FIRST

10:10-10:55                      SECOND

10:55-11:25                         LUNCH

11;25-12:10                    PLANNING

12:10-12:55                          THIRD

1:00-1:45                              FIFTH

1:50-2:35                          FOURTH

3:00-4:00              STRINGS/CHOIR


You can contact me at:  210-397-2650 or The Music Room is C101 (across from the Cafeteria).


Project Date


Project Date