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Hi, I'm Robert Klekar. I discovered my love for music as a trumpet player in the Seguin High School Band and earned my Music Education degree at then Southwest Texas State University, and my Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Phoenix. I started my teaching career in 1995 teaching Creative Dramatics at Thornton Elementary and Fernandez Elementary.

I believe music is for everyone! We all have the talent and ability to enjoy music in our own way, either as a singer, instrumentalist, dancer, or listener, and my music classes provide activities in all these areas.

In my music classes, the kindergarten and first grade students sing songs and play instruments and music games that help establish steady beat and singing skills. Learning to use the higher head voice from early on leads to on-pitch singing in the future, therefore, much emphasis is placed on differentiating between the singing voice and talking voice in the younger grades.

Second and third graders build upon this foundation by reading and playing rhythms on instruments and singing pitch syllables (do, re, mi...). The mechanics of the musical staff play an important part because the students learn their songs and instrumental parts by looking at the printed page rather than echo singing.

The fourth and fifth graders take it to the highest level by reading actual music notation as they play recorders. Musical experiences in the upper grades often become quite complex with layered singing and multiple instrumental accompaniment parts.

Along the way, all students listen to selections from a wide repertoire of music, classical and contemporary. Movement to music is also incorporated at all grade levels, from basic steady beat movements in kindergarten to advanced folk dances from across the world in the upper grades.

Fifth Grade Strings meet every Tuesday and Thursday beginning at 3:00 until 3:45.

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