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Raba Learning Tree

Learning Tree

The Northside Learning Tree, the districts after school program
provided through the Northside Adult & Community Education Department,
is coming to Raba!  It is the goal of The Northside Community
Education department to help working parents and their school age
children by providing a quality after school program.  Northside
Community Education has a long history of providing quality
programming for children. Community Education is a district department
and consequently follows district policies and supports district goals
and objectives.

After researching other after school programs around the nation, we
have developed the Learning Tree Program concept that we feel stands
out as a quality after school program.  This program will provide
enrichment activities, enhanced self-motivation, social skills,
improved study skills, and safety.  We also strive to involve parents
and families by offering activities in a variety of areas.

The Learning Tree program hours are from 2:45 PM – 6:30 PM each day
that school is in session.  The program is also available on early
release days at no additional cost.  We are closed on student

For additional information please visit our website at  or call Carrie Rios, After School
Program Specialist at 397-2681 or the Learning Tree Office at