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CHOIR NOTES: Our next Choir performance is April 5th at 10am at Taft High School.  We will reprise our Black History Month program.   Family and friends are invited.  Our next practice will be April 4th from 3-4:15.  During regular school hours you can call or e-mail Mrs. Richter for more information at 397-1350 x 3110 or   Thank you for your attention.

STRINGS NOTES: Our first performance of the Spring semester will be this coming Thursday at 6:00pm in the cafeteria.  It will be a college recital style concert, with refreshments immediately following.  Boys should wear black pants with a white shirt, tie is optional, or wear a suit.  Girls  can dress up and wear make-up, but hemlines should be below the knee. ALL STRINGS students need to be at rehearsal on Wednesday from 3-5 on the stage.                                    Please call or e-mail Mrs. Richter for more information at 397-1350 x 3110 or 

BUS LOOP SAFETY PATROLS:  There are still 2 openings for FOURTH grade Safety Patrols, especially boys

. This team is only for students who ride the bus.  Primary duties are to assist students entering and leaving the school, and taking care of the Lost and Found.  Contact Mrs. Richter at 297-1350 x 3110 or

Young Astronauts:  FIFTH grade students interested in Young Astronauts have been given information sheets, the Young Astronauts calendar, and the application form.  There are 26 openings in this club.  The deadline for Fifth grade applications and dues is Friday, October 25th.  If all slots have not been filled by Friday, the club will be opened to Fourth graders. To guarantee a spot, please send the application AND dues by Friday the 25th. Contact Mrs. Richter for more information.

All about Mrs. Richter:

Mrs. Richter began her career in Music Education in 1975.     She is active on campus as a sponsor of the Young Astronauts, RABA-TV, Bus Loop Safety Patrols, Choir, and Strings.  The Raba Rattlers Choir participated several years in an annual Benefit Concert to Sponsor a Teacher in Afghanistan, and has recorded a CD of  jazz classics with the Regency Jazz Band, generously funded by the Raba PTA, the Northside Education Foundation, and Dr.Carl Raba.  The Choir's "Jazz for GIs" CD was given to the USO in May 2009 for distribution to our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.  "Jazz for GIs" was also included in our 2009 Christmas packages for soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. The music department at Raba maintains an active schedule of campus and district music activities. 

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