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Welcome to the Counselor's Corner!


Welcome to another wonderful and adventure packed year of learning at Evers Elementary! We look forward to working with your child to help them reach their potential, and discover their passion for knowledge!

Professional School Counselors

School Counselors serve many important functions on a campus.  One of these is to teach Guidance lessons.  Your child gets to come to a guidance class just like they get to go to the library, the computer lab, PE, music, or art.   In a guidance class the counselor focuses issues that the school community have singled out as needing attention, like bullying, stress, Character Education, self esteem, and being a successful student. Counselors use the following Seven Skill Goals as a guide to address these issues. 

  1. Self-Confidence Development - value their uniqueness and manage their feelings
  2. Motivation to Achieve - develop their academic potential and identify career opportunities
  3. Decision Making/ Goal Setting / Problem Solving - manage change and make good decisions
  4. Interpersonal Effectiveness - respect others and develop healthy friendships
  5. Communication Skills - express themselves appropriately and listen to others
  6. Cross Cultural Effectiveness - appreciate their own culture, be respectful of other cultures, and appreciate differences
  7. Responsible Behavior - accept responsibility for their actions and be self-disciplined 

Another purpose we serve on a campus is to provide counseling.  Students can come to see the counselor one on one, or students can be part of a counseling group with other children who have a similar concern (i.e. a having a parent who is deployed). There are usually 6 counseling sessions that are spread out across a semester. The sessions happen during the school day and are 30 minutes each.

How does a student get to see their counselor for sessions?

  • they can refer themselves by writing the counselor a note
  • a parent can refer their child by writing a note, and e-mail, or calling the counselor to request the sessions
  • a teacher can refer a student by e-mailing the counselor
  • an administrator can refer a student
  • counselor invitation

Parent permission is required and a permission slip will be sent home with your child.

A description of the groups offered follows:

Sunshine Club is for students who would like to work on building self-confidence, problem-solving, and


The “Go for the Gold” Team is for students who need more support in the areas of goal setting and/or test anxiety .

The Cool Group is for students who want to learn how to manage their feelings and/or to control their own anger.  Emphasis will be on students learning the steps needed to deal with emotions in an appropriate manner.

Banana Splits is for students who are experiencing, or who have experienced, a divorce/separation in their family.  Students are encouraged to ask questions, clarify conflicts, and share feelings regarding divorce/separation.

Movin’ On is for students who have suffered the loss of a loved one or pet.

We Serve Too! Is for students who are dealing with the current challenges of being a military family; getting ready for a deployment, dealing with a current deployment,  have a family member recently come home from a deployment, frequent moves, etc.



School counselors work with school faculty and staff, students, parents, and the community to plan, implement, and evaluate developmental guidance and counseling programs for all students and we value your input.  Please don't hesitate to contact us at 397-2575, or 397-2576.

Julie Minnis - I am the counselor for Pre-k,  1st, 3rd, and 5th grades.

Elise Jordan- I am the counselor for Pre-k, Kinder, 2nd, and 4th grades.

 There is a biography of each counselor on their individual web page.



Site Description
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Important Documents

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