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Parenting Program for all ages
MIC3 Launches new web site. Military families move on a regular basis and can be difficult for the children. The Compact seeks to make transitions easier for increased academic success. It provides a uniform treatment of military children transferring between school districts and states. Click on the web link for more information.
Stuff to do — and a lot of it — is what is all about. All of our online activities, projects and games are designed to help kids (young children to teenagers) cope with their parent being away on deployment.
A great free resource for Military Families that cover topics dealing with parenting, finances, stress relief and many more.
Resources for the Military Community and Military Supporters
Substance abuse training for parents, grandparents and caregivers.
Information and resources for military families
Provides FREE medical and dental services to students who have Medicaid.

Love and Logic Articles and Tips

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End Childhood Swearing.pdf 5/11/2012
End The Bedtime Blues.pdf 5/11/2012
Guidelines for Helping with Homework.pdf 5/11/2012
Guidelines for Sharing Control through Choices.pdf 5/11/2012
If Kids Can Hear Promises, They Can Hear Requests.pdf 5/11/2012
Love and Logics Parent's Playbook.pdf 5/11/2012
Make Your Kids Responsible for Their Actions.pdf 5/11/2012
Making Divorce Less Traumatic for Kids.pdf 5/11/2012
Making the Internet Safer for Your Kids.pdf 5/11/2012
Manners Matter.pdf 5/11/2012
My Teacher is Mean.pdf 5/11/2012
One-liners.pdf 5/11/2012
Raising Patriotic Kids.pdf 5/11/2012
Schoolwork.pdf 5/11/2012
Self-concept Builders and Stealers.pdf 5/11/2012
The Instant Empathetic Response.pdf 5/11/2012
The One Year Plan.pdf 5/11/2012
Turn Your Word into Gold.pdf 5/11/2012
Using Enforceable Statements.pdf 5/11/2012
What is Parenting with Love and Logic.pdf 5/11/2012