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My name is Elizabeth Carnes, and I have been the music specialist at Galm Elementary since 2009!


An Aggie at heart, having grown up in College Station, Texas, I found my calling to become a music teacher. The music education program at UT San Antonio lured me to the Alamo City, and I am now a graduate of UTSA with a Bachelors of Music in Music Education. I am a flute and piccolo player, who has been an avid singer since I was in Pre-K! Having been involved with both instrumental and vocal education, I have a wealth of eclectic musical knowledge and passion to share with anyone who crosses the threshold into my classroom.   


Kindergarten and First Grade will be involved with songs, games, and movement activities that will address the concepts of steady beat, singing skills, and music appreciation.

Second Grade and Third Grade will build on these concepts and move into reading simple and intermediate rhythms, singing pitch syllables (do, re, mi…), music theory (musical staff, musical symbols, musical terms, etc), and will begin playing instruments.

Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade will put it all together! Using their skills, students will read music while singing and playing instruments (recorders, mallet instruments, world instruments, etc), along with building their skills to include advanced/complex rhythms, advanced folk songs, and multiple part harmonies. These students will also be involved in a year-long unit of music history.


*** All levels will be exposed to a wide range of musical genres and styles along with movement activities ranging from basic steady beat to advanced folk songs.


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Play piano? Sing show tunes? Dance? Play an instrument? GREAT!!

All students are encouraged to being their personal talents and abilities to music class. Time will be set aside for students to share their own personal passions if they so desire.


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Glam Elementary

Elizabeth Carnes

1454 Saxonhill Dr

San Antonio, TX 78253



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Interactive webpages where you can click on a musical instrument and here the sounds it makes.
“The exploration of rhythm in everyday things.”
A website created by the San Fransico Symphony that allows anyone to play with musical concepts or create melodies of their own.

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