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Christi Clancy, Librarian

Welcome to our Library

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My name is Christi Clancy and I am the librarian at Colonies North.  This is my 12th year as a librarian; before that I taught English for 8 years. 

Please take a few minutes to come by the library and create a parent account.  All you need is your photo ID and about five minutes.  There is nothing better than reading with a child, and no matter how old or young your child is, there are still plenty of great books for you to read together.  Parents can check out up to five books at a time.  Students may not check out on a parent account unless the parent is present, but students may return books for their parents.

The Colonies North Library is open Monday from 7:25 until 2:40 and Tuesday through Friday from 7:25 until 3:15.  We hope you will come visit the library and find a new adventure to enjoy with your child.

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Mrs. C. Clancy, Librarian    397.1733