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Welcome to the Stevenson Vocal Music Department!
I graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2001.  I earned a Bachelors of Music Education, All Level Choral degree and I hold a certificate in Vocal Performance.  My goal is to pass on the wonderful experiences music has provided for me. 

Teaching Schedule
1st period    8:30-9:17       7th/8th Grade Treble
2nd period   9:21-10:08     7th/8th Grade Men
3rd period   10:12-10:59    6th Grade Treble
4th period   11:03-11:59    7th/8th Grade Chamber Treble
5th period   12:03-12:58    Duty/Lunch
6th period    1:03-1:58      Conference
7th period    2:03-2:49      6th Grade Boys
8th period    2:54-3:40      7th/8th Grade Cantabile Treble 


There are two main categories by which grades will be assessed: 

50% - Daily Performance. This category consists of daily participation from the beginning to the end of class, as well as bringing the appropriate materials to class (pencil, music, and folder). Each student’s behavior and conduct will be reflected in this grade as well as their growth and vocal progress.

50% - Class Work/Tests/Performances. This includes any written work. The majority of this work will be done in class, but students may occasionally have some homework.  Tests will be given as necessary and in three forms: written quizzes, group singing tests, and individual singing tests. The most common of these are group singing tests. They will reflect how much a student is practicing outside of class. Students may have two or three during a six-week period. Individual tests are generally done in private.  Since we are dealing with a performance-oriented art, it is important to understand that the results of the hard work the students put in day after day will culminate in the form of concerts.  Before some concerts, an extra rehearsal may be necessary for some groups. They will generally be scheduled to be held after school a couple of days before a concert, but advanced notice will be given. If a student does not attend an extra rehearsal, they will not be allowed to sing on the concert unless an excuse note that is signed by a parent is received!




Music will be checked out to all choir students. Each student is assigned a folder number that will be his or hers for the entire year. Students are responsible for their own binders, which must be 1 inch or smaller in width. The color does not matter as long as any designs are school appropriate.

Binders can be found at Office Max, H.E.B., Wal-Mart or Walgreens and usually cost a little over $2.00.

**Folders should be brought to class as soon as possible**

Stevenson Choir Handbook

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