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Heather Heintz

  1. Get a flu vaccine
  2. Wash hands often and maintain good hygiene to prevent the spread of germs
  3. If you get the flu, complete all medication doses prescribed by your doctor and stay home from school or work to avoid infecting others. Stay home until free of fever for 24 hours without fever reducing medication.


No Shots No School:
Please bring proof of immunization requirements on prep days and during registration

Immunization Requirements for 2014-15 
Students who are not up to date with the state mandated immunizations will not be able to start school in Northside School District in the Fall 2014.  Immunization Requirements No Shots, No School


Word From the School Nurse:

Stevenson's nurse Tina McFall RN, gives first aid only. She does not diagnose illnesses, but takes note of symptoms and notifies the parents of her observations when needed. We Ask that children be kept at home when ill and have a normal temperature below 100º for 24-36 hours after any illness before returning to school. This is important for the health of the child and for the health of all children at the school.


Parents are encouraged to schedule the administration of student medication so that medication is given at home whenever possible.

In cases where medication must be administered at school the following procedures apply:
1. All medications should be taken directly to the school office by the parent. No medication may be kept in the classroom nor may students administer their own medication.
2. Prescription medication must be taken to school in a properly labeled prescription container. Short-term medication may be administered upon written request by the parent. Long term medication may be administered only if the physician completes the school's Special Health Form.
3. The administration of non-prescription medication is normally no permitted, but may be authorized by the principal under either of the following conditions:
(a) If ordered by the child's physician, accompanied by a written request from the parent and brought in the original manufacturer's package.
(b) If the child's is experiencing pain due to causes such as post surgical procedures,injury, or dental procedures. In such cases, pain relief medication such as Tylenol, Advil, etc. may be administered if accompanied by a written request from the parent and brought in an unopen manufacturer's package for a period of three days.
4. Parents must pick up leftover medication. Students may take home only empty medication container.
5. Prescription medications may well fall under the definition of "controlled substance" or "dangerous drugs." Students will be subject t disciplinary action if they do not adhere to the rules regarding prescription medications.

A student with asthma is entitled to posses and self-administer prescription asthma medicine while on school property or at a school related event or activity if:
1. Prescription label on the medication.
2. the self-administration is done in compliance with the prescription or written instructions from the student's physician.
3.a parent of the students provides to the school:
(a) a written authorization, signed by the parent
(b) a written statement from the student's physician.


Illness at School:
If a child becomes ill or is injured, he will be given first aid or other appropriate care in the clinic. If the student needs immediate medical attention or is too ill to return to class promptly, parents, guardians or another alternate adult listed on the medical card should pick their child up promptly. If unable to arrive promptly, and the student is without fever, he/she will return to class until the parent/guardian arrives.

The parent or guardians responsible for furnishing ALL emergency information on the student's medical card including alternative adults and current phone numbers. In event the designated persons are unavailable, it is the parent's responsibility to make arrangements for the student to be picked up, and to notify the school as to the person picking the student up.

In extreme emergencies E.M.S. will be called. Payment for E.M.S. is the parent's responsibility.

Absence Due to Illness:
The nurse has the responsibility if she suspects a contagious health condition to request that the child be picked up by the parent or guardian and examined by a physician for diagnosis and treatment.

Non - Participation in Physical Education:
A letter or school health form from your doctor is necessary if your child has any special health problem, such as allergies (severe), severe asthma, diabetic, epilepsy, cardiac, which would cause possible restrictions of physical education activities. A parent may request that his/her child be excused from physical education activities for a maximum of one day. Any period longer than that requires a statement from your doctor.