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Stevenson History Fair 2014-15

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What is History Fair?

History Fair is a semester-long research project required for all GT Pre-AP 7th grade, GT Pre-AP 8th and Pre-AP 8th grade History students at Stevenson Middle School.  The project is coordinated through the National History Day  (NHD) organization. Each year, the NHD creates a theme and students from around the country create products based on their research throughout the semester of a topic tied to the theme.  NHD is judged at the school level, regional level, state level and national level. The final products can be done as individuals and groups (of 2-3 classmates) and could be a historical web site, documentary, paper (individuals only), performance or an exhibit.


This Year's Theme and Topic Ideas

The NHD theme for the 2014-15 school year is titled "Leadership and Legacy in History."  Each year, NHD produces a list of sample topics which tie to their annual theme. The list of sample topics can be found on the right hand side of this web page under "Helpful Resources" or by clicking here.  The students can chose from one of these sample topics or create their own teacher-approved topic.  However, a large portion of the grade and judging is based on how well the chosen topic ties to the theme. It is important that the students chose well.



Your GT or Pre-AP teacher will support  you with your research and answer questions relating to the creation your final product. Once a week, a computer lab will be accessible to you during your History class to work on research and your final product. Tutoring in the computer lab will also be available after school once per week.  However, to have a successful final product, a large portion of the research and final product must be completed outside the classroom. If you have chosen to be in a group, it is expected that you work outside the classroom with your partner(s). 


Questions or Concerns?

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your project, please contact your GT or Pre-AP teacher or contact the department coordinator, Jennifer Cain at or 210.397.7300 extension 3139.

Product Details

Title Filename Modified
documentary judging rubric.pdf 12/4/2013
documentary rules.pdf 12/4/2013
exhibit judging rubric.pdf 12/4/2013
exhibit rules.pdf 12/4/2013
paper judging rubric.pdf 12/4/2013
paper rules.pdf 12/4/2013
performance juding rubric.pdf 12/4/2013
performance rules.pdf 12/4/2013
web site juding rubric.pdf 12/4/2013
web site rules.pdf 12/4/2013


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Helpful Prezis to guide you through your project

Helpful Resources

Title Filename Modified
Sample Topic sheet.pdf 8/3/2014
Theme_2015_5-7.pdf 8/3/2014
annotated bibliography.pdf 12/4/2013
2010rulebook.pdf 8/12/2013
Process Paper 2014 details.pdf 12/4/2013
Process Paper Rubric 2014.pdf 12/4/2013

Research Organization

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research cards.pdf 9/30/2013
research logs.pdf 9/21/2013
research notes.pdf 8/20/2013

Helpful Links

Site Description
Details on the National History Day - theme, general info
Examples of winning projects
Links and help on how to locate primary sources
Websites noted by Northside that are Copyright-friendly
Information about the State History day competition

Calendar/Due Dates

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History Fair Calendar 2014-15.pdf 8/3/2014

Judging Criteria/Rubrics

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judging sheets.pdf 8/20/2013