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Crystal Schild-Carstens

Welcome Wanke Kinders!


Welcome to Mrs. Carstens' Kindergarten class J


Welcome to the family  


  We are Wanke Strong!

I am very excited and honored to be teaching another year of Kindergarten at Wanke Elementary .



 Contact Information:   ( 397-6700 ext. 3117




                         Class Schedule  

7:35-7:45              pick up students in cafeteria from stage

                                      Morning Routine/Bell Work

7:45-8:00                        Morning Announcements

8:00-8:30                        Math Action Wall/ HOWL

8:30-9:20                     Integrated Language Arts Block -                           

9:20-10:05                  Specials (P.E., Art & Library, Computer Lab, and Music) and Teacher Conference

10:05-10:30                       Writer’s Workshop

10:30-10:45                                Recess                          

10:45-10:50                   Restroom and water/ Prepare for lunch 

10:50-11:20                              Lunch

11:20-12:00                  Language Arts Continued

12:00-1:00                                  Math                                

                                  BRITE spots guided math            

1:00-1:30                       Science/Social Studies             

1:30-2:00                       Read, Rest or Relax

2:00-2:10                       Snack

2:10-2:35                       Social Centers

2:35-2:45                       clean up &  dismissal