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Fifth Grade


Fabulous Fifth Grade !


We are excited to begin a new and exciting school year!

Mrs. Alarcon-Perez, Mrs. Espinosa, Ms. Napier, and Mrs. Sharp

Games and WebQuests

Site Description
Here you can earn points by doing math! username: s012345nisd password is same as Fasttmath password
Username- cooleymead Password-mead
Here is a program provided by NISD to help your child with reading. There are also Science Passages to help with concepts.
Username: (replace 012345 with lunch ID) Password: mmddyyyy (your child's birthdate) Use Explore method.
Here you can perform all kinds of virtual experiments.
Here is a website that you can practice reading and play games.
This website has LOTS of games in Reading and Math. Practice your math facts HERE!!