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Fourth Grade


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   4th Grade is FANTASTIC!!


We’re very excited about the new school year! You are a role model to our younger Mountaineers, so choose your actions wisely and always strive for your personal best!


A few reminders:

* Every day, your child should have at least 2 books in their backpack to read if they arrive early. The school doors open at 7:15 and children must report to their grade hallway and wait for the bell. 

* Lunch tickets may be purchased in the cafeteria before school, or you can send a check in your child’s folder.

*If your child has a change in the way he or she will go home, please write a note to the teacher, For your child’s safety, we will not allow changes unless we have a note.

* School begins at 7:45. Please be on time. Students who arrive after the tardy bell (7:45) are counted tardy.

* If your child has been absent, please send a note explaining the absence. If your child has been ill, please specify the illness. 

* When taking your child out of school early, you must check them out at the office. Also, all visitors to Mead must sign in and receive a visitors pass in the front office. This includes parents.

 *Children must bring a note from home excusing them from P.E. or recess. Please state the nature of the illness/injury. 

* We will be teaching the children responsibility for their belongings, including their folders. Please check their folder(s) daily for homework and or notes from school. 




Welcome to Fourth Grade!  


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