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Patricia Rodriguez, ESL

Welcome to ESL!

Welcome to ESL!

(English as a Second Language)
Hi!  My name is Patricia Rodriguez and I am one of the (ESL) English Language Support Teacher here at Mead.  I have 19 years of experience in teaching and have been a Language Support Teacher for 8 years and have a Masters Degree in Reading.  I have endorsements in both Bilingual and ESL education.

In ESL class we work with small groups of students and grade levels in supporting areas that need strengthening. Every student is capable of succeeding and working to his/her potential with the guidance of small group instruction and strong language development. These groups of students may remain the same throughout the year depending on the success rate of each student.  It is important that parents read to and with their children daily to help support the literacy piece at home and make it a positive part of their lives.

!Bienvenidos a clase de apollo y lenguaje en espanol!



Let's practice reading!

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