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My name is John Davis and I've been teaching art at Northside for 23 years.  I began my teaching career at Rayburn Middle School and I am now in my 18th year at Rudder.  I graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design.  I received my Secondary Art Certification from U.T.S.A.  I am married and have two boys.  I enjoy the outdoors, traveling and sports. 

I have been the Elective Department Coordinator for nine years.  I also help coordinate a Fine Arts Camp in the summer.  I am also one of the District's Intramural Supervisors.  The Intramural program is an after-school program which runs from January to May each year.  All students are eligible to participate in this 2-day a week program.  Information about Intramurals will be placed on this website later this year.

I also have a passion for baseball and am a diehard Orioles fan, having been born in Baltimore. 

I look forward to teaching your child to be as creative and artistic as possible.  We have a lot of great activities planned for this year along with various art shows and contests.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

My e-mail is

Phone number is 397-5000  Ext. 3224

2013-14 Schedule

1st period      Fine Arts (6th Grade)  

2nd period     Art 2 (8th Grade)

3rd period      Conference

4th period      Art 1 (7th/8th Grade)

5th period      Art 1 (7th/8th Grade)


6th period      Fine Arts (6th Grade) 

7th period      Fine Arts (6th Grade)

8th period      Fine Arts (6th Grade)

Grading Policy: Weighted System

Major Projects = 3, Class Participation = 1, Progress = 1, Quizzes = 2, Written Assignment = 1, Minor Projects = 2


Digital Media Fair Entries 2009

At Your Service Vivian W. Using Photoshop
Dark Angel Carissa R. Using Photoshop

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Jr. V.A.S.E.

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Earl Rudder Middle School 5/3/2014 8:00 AM

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Here is the link to the TAEA website and the link to the Jr. V.A.S.E. page!

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