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Science Department
Ms. Becerra Coordinator

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

Mr. R. Allen Mrs. Garcia Mrs. J. Wray
Mrs. E. Jung   Mrs. Ludwig 
Mrs. Lackey   Mr. Oberg
Instructional Assistants
Ms. J. McDowall Mr. R. Zagala


Rudder Science eClassroom


Science Teacher Resources

Space Science Websites: Galactic Star Gazing


Space Science Websites:


What’s Up for December 2013


International Space Station


A day in the life of an Astronaut


Tour the International Space Station


NASA Space Station’s Benefits for Humanity


Space Station live


NASA Space Suites


Space Station Space Walk Game


NASA eClips/ NASA Our World


NASA Apps for Smart Phones and Tablets


NASA Kids Club


NASA Hubble Space Telescope Mission

Hubble Site

Space Place

NASA Jet Propulsion lab

Tutoring Schedule

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