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Applied Learning Environment (ALE)
The ALE program serves students with moderate to severe cognitive disabilities and stresses functional skills in the community, recreation-leisure, vocational and family (self-help) domains. The program's goal is full integration into the activities of the student's age-appropriate attendance area school and community.

BASE (Behavior Assistance through Support and Education)
This is a proactive intervention strategy for special education students experiencing emotional/behavioral difficulties.

Behavior Mastery Classroom (BMC)
The BMC classroom is transitional in nature and is designed to meet the needs of students in crisis, students entering or returning to mainstream campuses from alternative programs or hospital settings, and students with emotional or behavioral stressors who are not succeeding in a less restrictive environment.


An ARD Committee determination which states that a special education student is educated in classes or the community with his or her non-disabled peers for some or all of his or her school day with appropriate modifications and/or accommodations is called inclusion.

This is often confused with Inclusion or the term LRE. Placement of students with disabilities in a classroom with non-disabled peers is an accurate definition. 


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