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Bauerschag, Wes

Welcome to Industrial Technology

Class Schedule

1st.  Period: 8th Grade Technology Education

2nd. Period:  Career Portals

3rd.  Period: 8th Grade Technology Education  

4th.  Period: Lunch Duty

5th.  Period: Conference & Planning

6th.  Period: Career Portals

7th.  Period: 8th Grade Technology Education


Contact Me

If you would like to contact me by e-mail click on the following link:
-District Employee

Otherwise call 210-397-4900 ext: 3128


The Texas A&M University- Batchelors Degree in Agriculture Leadership & Communications class of 2003
The Texas A&M University- Master's degree in Agricultural Education 2007
Currently in my 6th year of teaching courses such as 
-Technology Systems
-Principles of Architecture and Construction
-Technology Education for High School 
-Technology Education for Middle School
-Career Portals
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Student Handouts

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