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Petree, Victoria


 Bachelors of Arts- University of Costa Rica (English Literature)

Spanish Teaching Certification- Townson University MD.


 I was born and raised  in Costa Rica. I taught English for two years in my country.  Then, I moved to the United States in 1993 and I started my journey as a Spanish teacher.  I am very happy to be part of the Northside ISD family.

    I really want my students to be comfortable learning a new language and its culture.  I need your help and support to have a successful year.  All students will receive a grade every six weeks.  This grade will be awarded only upon completion of all required work. This work will consist of classroom activities,homework assigments,quizzes,projects and tests.

     Please, feel free to contact me at 210 3974900 extension 3106 or


1st period  8:30-9:20 Conference      

2nd period 9:25-10:10 Spanish 2                  

3rd period 10:15-11:00 Spanish 1

Flex  11:05- 1135

4th period  11:40-1:10  Spanish 1

5th period 1:15-2:00  Spanish I

6th period  2:05-2:50 Spanish I

7th period  2:55-3:40 Spanish 2



Useful links

 Irregular verbs

Stem changing verbs interactive flascards

-AR, -ER  and -IR verbs

Sports Vocabulary

Lesson Plan

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High School Credit and Attendance Parent Ltr (1).doc 8/24/2013
Lesson Plan SP1 october7th to 11th.doc 10/5/2013
Lesson Plan Sp2 Oct 7th to 11th.doc 10/5/2013