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Bimstein, R

English for Speakers of Other Languages, ESOL


April 17, End of Fifth Six Week Grading Period
April 18, Holiday, Good Friday
April 22, Sixth/Seventh Grade STAAR Math
April 22, Eighth Grade STAAR Social Studies
April 23, Sixth/Seventh Grade STAAR Reading
April 23, Eighth Grade STAAR Science 

Class Schedule

1st/2nd    ESOL Beginners
3rd          ESOL Intermediate
4th          Flex/Lunch/Conference
5th          ESOL Advanced
6th          Langauge Support
7th          Language Support


Contact information: 
phone: 210.397.4900 ext. 3208 



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Lesson Plans

Title Filename Modified
Apr14Beg.pdf 4/11/2014
Apr7Int.pdf 4/4/2014
Apr7Adv.pdf 4/4/2014

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