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Welcome to Mrs. Chipoli's English Language Arts 7/7Pre-AP Page


English Language Arts 7/7 Pre-AP

Phone:  210-397-4962 ext 3226


2014- 2015 Conference:  8:30 - 9:15

 Tutoring:  Tutoring will be available during FLEX, and before or after school as needed.  See me to arrange tutoring time.

 I'm so proud to be a Patriot! Navy and red couldn't be more perfect for someone like me who spent over twenty-three years in service to our country in the United States Air Force. “AIM HIGH!”

I’m originally from New Jersey and grew up very close to New York City.   My family moved from that area to a small town in the Midwest where I completed my last year of high school.  After attending Miami University (the one in Ohio ) for two years, I enlisted in the Air Force in December 1972. After Basic Training, I was assigned to Lackland Air Force Base.  I came to love San Antonio and was always anxious to return. I’ve also been stationed in Alaska (where I met “Mr. Chip”), Hawaii (where Mr. Chip and I were married), and Omaha , Nebraska . One of my best assignments was as a reconnaissance coordinator at the Pentagon during the first Gulf War. Finally, I ended my career at Randolph Air Force Base.

Mr. Chip, who retired in 1984, and I decided to settle here in San Antonio , because we don’t have to shovel heat. My lifelong hope was to someday have the opportunity to educate our youth, and I love working with our middle school students, especially here at Rawlinson. Language, reading, and learning are my life, and I long to share this love with all the people I meet. I guess that's why I chose English as my field of study. After my 1996 retirement, I attended the University of Texas at San Antonio, where I graduated with a degree in English and my teaching certification.  I am certified to teach English in grades 4 - 12 and reading in grades 4 - 8.
GRADING POLICY :  Each grading period may be assessed differently based on major assignments.  

60% -  Major assignments (Summative) or average of major assignment grades.  This may include, but is not limited to major writing assignments (process papers), essay benchmarks, Socratic Seminars, tests. 

40%  - Daily grades(Formative):  revising and Editing benchmark practices,  homework, components of the Writing Process (pre-writing, drafts, revisions, etc.).   Some grades may be number grades; others may be check grades as follows:  Check plus plus  =100, Check plus = 95,  Check  = 85,  Check minus   = 75, Check minus minus = 50.  Additionally, holistic scoring may be used on many writing assignments based on the TAKS formula of  4 (95), 3 (85), 2 (75), 1 (50).  Points will be added appropriately, for example, a grade of 3+ would be an 88.





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