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Monis, Haroon

English Teacher

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Haroon Monis
English 8
th Pre-A.P. and English 8
210-397-4962 x. 73227



Welcome to my little information corner on the web. I am your eighth grade English teacher. After teaching sixth grade for the last ten years, I made a change and am teaching eighth grade English this year. As you will see in the following paragraphs, my life has been full of changes, and I believe change brings the best out in people by providing a challenge. I look forward to exploring the eighth grade curriculum with my students.


I was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and arrived in the United States in 1988. I landed and fell in love with San Antonio, and although I have visited other parts of the US, I keep returning to San Antonio. The only time I left San Antonio for an extended period was the three years I spent in Austin, Texas earning my degree (Bachelor of Arts) in English and History with a minor in French at the University of Texas (Hook'em Horns!) I am a victim of circumstances, and as a result of the places I have lived in the world, I am fluent in Hindi, Urdu, French, Dari, and English. I also have a passion for writing and have written six books: Journey into Paradise from the Hell of Afghanistan, Life in Paradise: A Family’s Struggles, ABC of Teaching: About, Because, and in the Course of Teaching, An Eternity and After in Hell and Other Stories, In Charlie the Pencil's World Color Makes No Difference, and A Nation's Last Stand. I am really excited to be teaching what I love, which is writing.


I believe that writing is not only an important tool for communication among all of us, but also an essential component of being a productive citizen. That is what I want you as my students to take with you as you continue your journey in the field of education.


Daily Schedule


1st     8:30-9:20 (Pre-A.P. English 8)


2nd    9:25-10-10 (Pre-A.P. English 8)


3rd 10:15-11:00 (English 8)


11:05-11:35 (Flex)


4th     Lunch 11:40 (12:10-12:40-Lunch) 1:10 (English 8)                  


5th      1:15-2:05 (Conference)  


6th      2:10-2:50 (English 8)             


7th      2:55-3:40 (Pre-A.P. English 8)




Grading Policy


Formative (Daily work, Quizzes, in-class assignments) 60%
(Tests, Projects, Final Processed Papers)  40%



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