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Fascino, Felicia

Welcome to 7th grade Math and 7th grade Pre-AP Math



Contact Information...

Mrs. Fascino

210-397-4962 ext 3110 


1st Period       8:30 - 9:20   Math 7

2nd Period      9:25 - 10:10   Pre-AP Math 7

3rd Period      10:15 - 11:00   coordinator period

FLEX             11:05 - 11:35  

4th Period      11:40 - 12:40   conference period

5th Period       1:15 - 2:00  Pre-AP math 7

6th Period       2:05 - 2:50   Math 7

7th Period       2:55 - 3:40  Math 7

***Tutoring is available Friday mornings at 7:55 am***

Grading Policy

  • summative assessments (unit tests)- 60% of 6 weeks average
  • formative assessments (daily work & quizzes) - 40% of 6 weeks average
  • late work will not earn full credit
  • assignments not turned in will be recorded as a zero


RAWLINSON CORE BELIEFS: All staff members, including myself, believe the following...

1. We believe that all students can learn.

2. We believe educators are essential to student success.

3. We believe effective communication and collaboration is necessary to create a positive learning environment.

4. We believe in a challenging learner-centered environment.


About me...

This is my eigth  year teaching at Rawlinson Middle School and my  seventh year being Math Department Coordinator.  I earned my Bachelor's Degree from The University of Texas at Austin in 2000. I am certified to teach mathematics from grades 6-12.  I've been teaching for twelveyears and recently earned my Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction through The University of Texas at San Antonio. The thing I like most about math is that it can be very challenging, but very satisfying to understand. I love working with Middle School students because they have so much potential - their futures are ahead of them and so full of promise. I strongly believes that hard work pays off and want my students to take pride in their work and be proud of their success. I want you, my students, to be confident Mathematicians and leave my class well-prepared for High School.

I've been married to Mr. Fascino for ten years and we have two daughters, Carina and Carla. In our spare time, we like to invite our big families over and Bar-B-Que in the backyard!


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