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Henarie, Ryan


**Mrs.Henarie's 8th Grade Math Class!**

The goal is that this year of middle school Math will prepare you for the demands of subsequent Math classes as well as the real world where mathematical knowledge is necessary for success!

8th grade Math is an exciting class in which we will be working towards mastering various mathematical techniques; including the four basic operations, area, perimeter, ratios, proportions and so much more.

Students will be expected to not only know how to do math but also understand why we do math. We will also include a lot of vocabulary regarding mathematical concepts that will be crucial to mastering our content.  Students will be tested on vocabulary, comprehension and application of the units we cover to prepare for math success.

Contact Information...
Mrs. Henarie
210-397-4962 ext 3213


1st Period       8:30 - 9:20     Athletics

2nd Period      9:25 - 10:10   Math 8

3rd Period      10:15 - 11:00 Math 8

FLEX             11:05 - 11:35  

4th Period      11:40 - 12:40  Math 8

5th Period       1:15 - 2:00    Math 8

6th Period       2:05 - 2:50    Conf. Period

7th Period       2:55 - 3:40    Athletics

      ***Tutoring is available Thursday mornings at 7:45 am
                            or by appointment only***

Grading Policy

  • summative assessments (unit tests)- 60% of 6 weeks average
  • formative assessments (daily work & quizzes) - 40% of 6 weeks average
  • late work will not earn full credit
  • assignments not turned in will be recorded as a zero


RAWLINSON CORE BELIEFS: All staff members, including myself, believe the following...

1. We believe that all students can learn.

2. We believe educators are essential to student success.

3. We believe effective communication and collaboration is necessary to create a positive learning environment.

4. We believe in a challenging learner-centered environment.


                          Let's Have a GREAT Year!