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Chovanetz, Jeff

Welcome to Mr. Chovanetz's 7th and 8th Grade Science Class

Jefferey S. Chovanetz           7th Grade Science


Phone                                      397-4962 ext. 3233

School Website            


Credentials                             BS-Biology-TexasStateUniversity- San Marcos

                                              MS- Biology- University of Texas- San Antonio

Certification                            Secondary Science- Grades 6-12


Schedule                                   1st period 7th grade
                                                2nd period 7th grade

                                                3rd period 7th grade honors
                                                4th period 7th grade honors/ lunch
                                                5th period 7th grade

                                                6th period conference

                                                7th period 7th grade                                                


Grading Policy                         Test-   40%

                                                Lab-    40%

                                                Daily-  20%


Tutoring                                  Before and after school as needed, and during FLEX.  See me to

                                                arrange a time.


Class Rules

1.  Raise your hand if you wish to speak, but not until called upon.

2.  Raise your hand to ask permission to leave your seat.

3.  Bring all required materials to class.

4.  Be in your seat on time, and begin working.

5.  Do not touch other students or their belongings without their permission.


Class Description

Topics that will be covered include:  ecology, force and motion, energy, cells, microscopes, body systems, and genetics.



Spiral notebook (70-100 sheets),pens/pencils, 3-ring binder, notebook paper, map pencils, calculator (optional)


Benchmark Tests

7th grade

Dec 16-20

May 19-23


Safety Contract

Each student must return their signed science safety contract to their science teacher before they can participate in any labs.



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