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Johnson, Roxanna

7th Grade Science



Rawlinson MS Belief Statements
1. We believe that all students can learn.
2. We believe educators are essential to student success.
3. We believe effective communication and collaboration is necessary to create a positive learning environment.
4. We belive in a challenging learner-centered environment.

   My name is Roxanna Johnson. I grew up in Austin and graduated from The University of Texas at Austin (Hook’em Horns). My husband, also a U.T. graduate, works with refugees from various countries. Luke and Angie our 18 year old twins are entering thier freshman year at college.
   This will be my 27th year of teaching and my 24nd year in Northside. I still look forward to the school year starting each year and I am eager to work with my new students and their families, to learn, to teach, and to create bonds that will last for years.
   As a student in my class, you can look forward to constructing a cell model, using microscopes, dissecting a frog, an owl pellet, and a squid. During the year you will be learning through a variety of strategies such as building models, writing songs, drawing pictures, and acting, along with notes, homework and tests.

397-4900 ext. 3232

My Schedule                                        Benchmark Dates
1st period - 7th grade Pre-AP Science                                
2nd period -7th grade Pre-AP Science                                
3rd period - 7th grade Science                                
4th period - 7th grade Science                                           
5th period - 7th grade Pre-AP Science
6th period - Conference
7th period - 7th grade Science

Classroom Expectations
1. Be on time and begin working.
2. Come prepared with materials and assignments
3. Respect others.
4. Be an active participant in the lesson.

Grading Policy                                     Supplies
Daily grades - 20%                                             Spiral notebook (at 100 pages)
Lab grades - 40%                                                Binder (one section for science)
Test grades - 40 %
                                              Pens, pencils, highlighter(s)
                                                                              Colored pencils or markers
                                                                              Glue Stick

Late Work Policy
Students with missing assignments, labs, and projects will be assigned to attend H.E.L.P. during their lunch period. (Access an explanation of the HELP program through "Student Resources" from the Quick Links on the RMS homepage.) 

  • Late daily work will have 20 points deducted from the grade.
  • Late labs and projects will have 11 points deducted from the grade.


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