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Kliewer, John

8th Grade Science

E-Mail: Phone: 397-4962 Ext. 3219

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Bio: I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, specialization in Biology.  I have Standard Texas Educator Certificates as follows: Elementary Self-Contained grades 1-8, Elementary Biology grades 1-8, Composite Science grades 8-12, Life Science 8-12, and Physical Education grades K-12.

My hobbies are hunting, fishing, and I enjoy working crossword puzzles to unwind after a long day.

School Beliefs

At Rawlinson Middle School we believe the following:

1. We believe that we as educators are contributors to student success.

2. We believe that we should maintain a safe, supportive, and accepting learner -centered environment.

3. We believe that all students can learn and attain personal and educational growth.

4. We believe effective communication and collaboration among teachers, students, and administration is necessary to create a positive learning climate.

8th Grade Scope and Sequence

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