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Blomstrom, Sarah


Miss. Blomstrom

My name is Miss Blomstrom and this is my 10th year teaching.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with concerns or questions regarding your child's progress in my room.  I can be reached through the school's phone system and will do my best to return all calls within 24 hours (397-3203).

The best way for you to stay informed about your child's coursework and happenings in my room is to read their planner each night.  Students are required to fill in their agenda every day where I do my best to initial it.  Also, an outline of our lesson plans will be placed on this site each week (subject to change).  


Classroom Do's:  

- Do come to class on time

- Do be in your seat before the bell rings

- Do bring your planner to class every single day

- Do treat teachers and other students with kindness and respect

- Do your best and try even when work is difficult


Classroom Policies and Procedures:

- Students are required to be in their seat before the bell rings.

- Students arriving late and without a note will receive an unexcused tardy.  Three tardies will result in an after school d-hall. 

- Students are expected to follow the school code of conduct in my classroom.  Those who refuse will have be written up, according to the student code of conduct, and sent to the office.  

- No gum chewing will be tolerated.  If a student receives two verbal warnings regarding the use of gum the third offense will result in an after school detention.  

- Students are expected to treat their peers and teachers with respect.  This means using appropriate language when speaking to an adult and or other student.   

- Late work is accepted on a case by case and individual student basis.  Parents are free to call, e-mail or write if their child is going to be out and ask that work be sent to the front office.  

- If a student is absent, they are expected to retrieve and complete all missing assignments.  Their work will be placed on my board and can be completed during FLEX or at home (if need be).

- All student work will be kept in a portfolio in my classroom.   I will send home work for parents to view and then ask that it be sent back.  If you'd like a copy of their work,  please call or e-mail me.  I will be happy to comply with this request.  Student work is kept for progress monitoring and data collection purposes.



Students will use an interactive literacy notebook (Writer's notebook).  We will keep these in the classroom. Please bring two for your student by the end of the first week of school.

If possible, please send your student with a package of pencils to keep in our pencil box.  

If possible, please send your child with 1-2 boxes of kleenex.  We will use them!



1st Period: Conference

2nd: 8th Critical Thinking

3rd: 8th Writing

4th: 7th Writing

12:40 Lunch

5th: 7/8 Critical Thinking 

6th: 8th Critical Thinking- Collaborative

7th: 8th Critical Thinking- Collaborative





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