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Eickstead, Lauren


Welcome Patriots!

 Welcome Patriots!


My name is Lauren Eickstead, and this is my second year at Rawlinfon Middle School. What an amazing place to work. This is my fourth year teaching and will be coaching 8th grade Volleyball, Basketball and Track. You will see me a lot around campus, but mainly in your Science Classes. I will be teaching 8th grade Local Curriculum Science, and 6th and 8th grade Collab.                                         


BS in Kinesiology

Special Education certified, EC-12

General Education certified, 4-8

Physical Education certified, EC-12

Health certified, EC-12


Phone number 397-4962 ext. 3109


Daily Schedule

1st  Science Collab (8th)

2nd Conference Period

3rd  Science Collab (8th)

4th  Science Collab (8th)

5th  Science Collab (6th)

6th  Science Collab (6th)

7th  Local Curriculum (8th)



Grading policy: IEP percentage/ Science Dept. Rubric 

Class Schedule: 8:30- 3:40

Conference Period: 2nd period 

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