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Finlayson, Hyla

Welcome to Social Studies !


397-4962, ext. 3116

University of Texas at Austin

    BA in Education,  Social Studies Composite

Class Schedule: 


8:30-9:20  Social Studies 1st period 1:15-2:00 Social Studies  5th period
9:25-10:10 Social Studies 2nd period

2:05 - 2:50 Social Studies 6th period

10:15-11:00 Social Studies 3rd period 2:55-3:40 Social Studies 7th period
11:40-1:10 conf/lunch  

Grading Policy:  Major Grades  50% (Tests, Projects),

                            Minor Grades  50% ( Daily work Homework, Quiz)


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10/11/2013 3:47 PM

Cultural Enrichment

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Areas of Study:  Geography, Economics, Government, Culture, History, Citizenship, and Technology

Contemporary World Cultures

Students will have the opportunity to learn about modern societies and how those societies have developed through a study of geography, economics, government,  and culture.  Student will explore these topic from the viewpoint of a variety of countries that have membership in the United Nations by acting as "Ambassadors" from these countries.  They will have the opportunity to discuss current world events and see how these events influence and impact the global community.


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