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Vasquez, Jennifer


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Rawlinson Core Beliefs

At Rawlinson Middle School we believe the following:

We believe that all students can learn.


We believe educators are essential to student success.


We believe effective communication and collaboration is necessary to create a positive learning environment.

We believe in a challenging learner-centered environment.



Hello, my name is Mrs. Jennifer Vasquez and I teach 8th grade U.S. History. This is my seventh year at Rawlinson Middle School. I received my Bachelors degree from Texas A&M University at San Antonio in Social Studies Education 4-8. I look forward to a fun and productive year in which students can expand their minds! I know every student can succeed.


 8:30-9:20 1st period (U.S. History)

9:25-10:10 2nd period (CONFERENCE)

10:15-11:00 3rd period (U.S. History Pre-AP)

11:05-11:35 FLEX * (schedule above)

11:40-12:10 1st half of 4th period (U.S. History Pre-AP)

12:10-12:40 Lunch

12:45-1:10 2nd half of 4th period

1:15-2:00 5th period (US History Pre-AP)

2:05-2:50 6th period (US History)

2:55-3:40 7th period (US History)


Email:   Click on the previous link to reach my email, as per district policy

Phone: 397-4900 ext. 3218


Parent Communication:

       In order to stay updated on your student’s homework and planned assessments, please check my website on the Rawlinson webpage. 


This year I and many other teachers will use a free website and free app called This website will allow us to stay in communication about your students assignments, will send you and your student notifications when assignments are due, and I will use it as a way to have discussions around historical content. The link below can answer questions you may have about what edmodo is and how to get started.


  Once you are ready to get started, students will need to obtain their "class code" from me to sign up first as a student. This is a secure code that locks after a few days, so it is important that we get started early on.


   Once the student has signed up and is logged in, they will receive a unique "parent code" that parents can use to sign up on


   If the website does not answer your questions, contact me at (210) 397-4900 ext. 3218, or email me at


   I look forward to us staying in contact throughout the year with this great piece of technology!


        If you would like to have a conversation about your student’s progress in class, please email me at the address above or you can call me during my conference period (9:25-10:10 am) or after school at 397-4900 ext. 3218.


Major Grades: 50 %                Minor Grades: 50%

- projects, assessments, journal                         - classwork, homework


 If your student needs tutoring outside of intervention, we can set up a time before or after school on Tuesdays-Thursdays. Please plan this with me ahead of time so that I can ensure that there are no meetings I am obligated to attend. Thank you.

Class Information

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8th Grade Lesson Plans

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Study Guides 8th Grade

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Important Links- 8th Grade

Site Description
The Texas Education Agency released sample questions for the STAAR test for each subject area. Please browse these questions to see the heightened expectations for student learning.
This link provides numerous review games and resources, as well as links to other websites.
This website has games related to the constitution that are very interactive and informative. Have fun!
From time to time, this website features "American Experience" episodes and other topics related to American history that can supplement what students are learning in the classroom.
This website has fun historical events for each day, and features different themes throughout the year, some of which relate to American History